New working group to support BAME residents, visitors and staff

By Graham Farrant, Chief Executive at BCP Council

The recent local, national and international protests have provoked a lot of discussion amongst BCP Council members and the leadership team of the Council, who are committed to addressing the diversity and equalities agenda of our Corporate Strategy and Delivery Plan. 

An independent working group is now being set up to review how the Council will ensure effective and long term inclusivity and engagement with our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff, residents and visitors.

We expect that the group will engage with a range of council and community representatives as part of its research and that the group itself will comprise a mixture of councillors and independent people. The terms of reference for the group are currently being drafted and the process for inviting expressions of interest to join the group is underway.

The working group will be recognised as part of the Council’s Equality & Diversity Governance Framework, reporting to the Strategic Equality Leadership Group. Their findings will be used to inform how the council develops and delivers its services and be a key contributor to the Council’s wider equality & diversity action plan.

This working group will be in addition to the Community Equality Champions group which is already in place and responding to the community concerns that have arisen in response to the Black Lives Matter protests and to the concerns of the impact on COVID-19 on BAME individuals and communities.

Please be assured that the Council remains committed to connecting and empowering communities so that everyone feels safe, engaged and included and so that we genuinely create a vibrant community with outstanding quality of life where everyone can play an active role.

For more information on hate crime, visit our ‘Support for you’ pages.

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