Violence against women: A statement from PFD

By Superintendent Gavin Dudfield, Chair of Prejudice Free Dorset

Today, at our quarterly Prejudice Free Dorset meeting ,we discussed violence against women and girls.

What is clear from the meeting – and from the large amount of media coverage – is that all PFD members want everyone to feel safe in our society. People should not have to act differently or consider extra safeguarding precautions because of their gender.

Members of PFD will be working with Community Safety Partnerships and support networks to secure funding for local initiatives, whilst developing longer-term strategies to ensure Dorset is a safe and prejudice free place to live, work and visit.

As Chair of PFD, I wanted to confirm that agencies and services are here to help prevent and respond to concerns.

We have members who advise on government policy, members who work in local government, members who have access to funding opportunities. Members who provide acute support series and members – like the Police and CPS – who investigate criminal offences and seek to bring offenders to justice.

I would also like to share that the government is asking for evidence of lived experience of violence against women and girls (VAWG) – you can find out more via this link.

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