Kushti Bok: Giving gypsies & travellers a voice

Tina Symington, BCP Community Safety Officer, in conversation with Betty Smith-Billington, Chair of Kushti Bok Dorset

Ahead of national Hate Crime Awareness Week, Prejudice Free Dorset caught up with Betty Smith-Billington, Chair of long-standing member Kushti Bok Dorset.

As Betty explains, Kushti Bok is a volunteer-led organisation which helps ensure gypsies and travellers in Dorset have a voice. These minorities are still wrongly targeted with negative labels and media attention, and Kushti Bok sheds light on these issues.

Organisations of this type are few and far between, and so their work is not only important, but also progressive. Watch the full interview with Betty below.

PFD’s members include statutory public bodies, charities, as well as community and voluntary groups. Read more about them here.

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