Hate Crime Awareness Week ends

During this year’s national Hate Crime Awareness Week (HCAW), Prejudice Free Dorset organised several events.

Dr Raymond Davies, Chair of the PFD Business Sub-group, spoke at the Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday 13th October, highlighting the importance of collaboration between PFD and businesses across Dorset.

Dr Davies then continued the activates on Thursday 14th October and said he was “looking forward to being on Falkland Square to hand out Prejudice Free Dorset leaflets to the general public as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week along with BCP Council staff, National Trust staff and Dorset Police.”

They reported that local businesses were very keen to get involved in raising awareness of PFD and how to report a hate crime. This was an initiative of the PFD Business Sub-group, and forms part of our strategy for the integration of the Dorset business community.

Although HCAW 2021 is coming to an end, the PFD Business Sub-group will be targeting Poole in 2022, coinciding with the PFD Conference in March. The group is planning a full day of activities at Poole Bus Station, the Dolphin Shopping Centre and along the High Street.

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